Ways to Listen

Over the airwaves with your RADIO set to 88.5 FM in these towns:

New Bedford (mid & south), Dartmouth, Westport, Fairhaven

On our website

Click the play button found at the bottom of every page on the website. audioplayer-website

APPS for smart phones and tablets

Get Radio CorMariae’s very own App. Either for the Android or the iOS (Apple) devices.
Google Play App Store

Streaming audio on a COMPUTER

PC machine – Recommended streaming software: Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio: playing Radio CorMariae

Screamer Radio: playing Radio CorMariae

Use this url to begin listening to Radio CorMariae on the Screamer Radio player:  

MAC machine: use iTunes

iTunes - stream an url 1 of 2 images
iTunes - stream an url 2 of 2 images
Type into the box: http://ice23.securenetsystems.net/WPMWRCM  

Or just use your WEB BROWSER

Tunein has a great page for Radio CorMariae including a nice program schedule

Radio CorMariae is on Tunein
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