A Work of the Heart for the Immaculate

Written by on October 12, 2009

Gathering together over the past months, a group of lay men and women, together with the friars of Our Lady’s Chapel in New Bedford, are working to make Radio CorMariae a reality. It began with the desire to bring the Immaculate to the greater New Bedford area through radio, and endless meetings of dedicated and knowledgeable laymen and friars to determine the feasibility of the project. In time the FCC permit was granted, but the work was just beginning!

The project began penniless, yet Our Lady has provided continually through generous benefactors, even before the Benefit Dinner, now “sold out,” was planned. The radio station was nameless – and so the dinner benefit committee and the friars prayed and deliberated. Radio CorMariae – Heart of Mary – was born. The name reflects clearly both the focus and the source of all this station is to be about: bringing Jesus and Mary to all hearts, through the Heart of the Immaculate!

Much of the task of the dinner benefit committee in the past months has been to spread the news about Radio CorMariae, through posters, fliers, internet (radiocormariae.com) and mailings, inviting people to attend the Benefit Dinner and support the station through the Radio CorMariae Raffle to be drawn at the dinner. Each of the Raffle prizes was made especially for this occasion: a floral glass orb in honor of Our Lady, designed by Paul Stockard, a hand painted and framed icon of St. Clare, a hand painted statue of the Pilgrim Virgin, and a hand crafted Swarovski Crystal and Sterling Rosary. While the dinner is sold out, Raffle sales continue!

As the Benefit Dinner approaches we look forward to an evening of quality Catholic entertainment and news and information about Radio CorMariae. Entertainers include the Schola Cantorum Sancte Ceciliae,under the direction of Henri St. Louis, Vinny Flynn, Martin Henry, and Rob Massoud. David Wroe will serve as the Master of Ceremonies, introducing guests to Radio CorMariae and the Franciscans of the Immaculate. Steve Gajdosik and Fra Augustine will speak about Catholic Radio and answer questions about the new station.

Meanwhile, back at the friary, the work will continue as a room is being converted into a state of the art studio for the station. Dinner planning, raffle sales, tower and studio challenges and progress … all works of the heart for a station honoring the Immaculate Heart: Radio CorMariae!


Photo caption: The Radio CorMariae Dinner Committee gathers to display a banner of the station’s branding logo, developed by Fr. Martin Mary in collaboration with the committee. Committee members (left to right standing) Lucie Francis Medeiros, Louise Roberge, Mary Creeden, John Sweeney, Fr. Dominic, Michaela Wocjik, Dennis Onofrey, Fr. Maximilian, Susan Massoud. (sitting) Mary-Anne Ruge, Maggie Sweeney, David Wroe, Fra John Mary, Martha McCormick. Missing: Fr. Raphael, Urban Medeiros, Patricia Rose-Donohue

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