Radio CorMariae gets an “Apps-Lift”

Written by on June 28, 2017

Technology nowadays is moving very fast, faster than a blink of one’s eye that it is becoming a factor in shaping one’s life: you are awaken in the morning by your iPhone set to alarm with your favorite music; you pick up your newspaper and a cup of coffee– but this time, its not quite literally a “newsPAPER” but “newsTABLET” since you read it on your digital subscription; you read your emails by grabbing your iPad; you watch television shows by tapping on Kindle Fire; you listen to music through your iPod; you see your mom looking at online recipe while at the kitchen on an iPad mounted on her kitchen wall. Instances in our day to to day lives are numerous that we are surrounded by tech gadgets to shape how we live and even how we think.

Whether this innovation is for good or for bad, there is one thing that we are sure is good– Radio CorMariae has Apps now! You hear that right! Our radio station is available for download as Apps at Apple App Store and Google Play. Our ardent desire to expand the coverage that is reached by our station flows from our unquenchable thirst for souls to know the good news of Faith, informative talks that enlighten and uplifting music that inspires. In the culture that is getting spoused with mobility and bombarded by transient human experience of the media, the majority of which are mere “glandular”– we want people to hear about the Faith and Our Lady that they can cling to when all others fade to futility in life’s continuous journey. And so picking up what the modern world is good at–namely technology, and using that as instrument to proclaim the Faith, we continue the mission of the Church to go to the whole world and preach the Gospel–only this time, in a very different podium, in the very palm of your hands. You are just one swipe away to listen to Radio CorMariae, and we hope, it will not leave you that same person.

To access our radio station through your smartphones, please visit the Apple App Store and Google Play. You can hear our live stream, post on our facebook, view the mobile version of this site or you can tweet with us. And the best thing of all, it is FREE. So tap your link and grab the copy of Radio CorMariae App right now.

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