Give a Boost to the Pro-Life Movement: Go See the Gosnell Movie

Written by on October 19, 2018

After a three-year battle just to get the movie distributed, Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer opened October 12th in just over 600 theaters, a small number by Hollywood standards.

The film finished its opening weekend as the most popular independent movie in the country. Achieving the highest per-screen average of any non-studio movie, it even edged into the top 10 performers of all movies.

However, just as the liberal mainstream media ignored the trial in 2013, not reporting on it until 72 Congressmen accused the major networks of “blatant media bias” for failure to cover this abortion-related story, so too with the Gosnell movie, the same mainstream media and the promoters of abortion fear the Gosnell story becoming widely known, and are doing everything they can to suppress it.

“Despite filling theaters in many cities, the film is being dropped from dozens of screens,” after a successful but conspicuously brief run of only a week, as was the case locally at the Cape Cod Mall Regal Cinema 12. The theater reportedly made the decision on Monday not to extend the Gosnell movie’s scheduled run beyond Thursday, just one week after its release, despite the exceptional box-office performance.

The movie continues to be shown, however, at several area theaters:

  • at Regal Cinemas Independence Mall, Kingston, MA (33 mi)*
  • at Cinema World, Lincoln Mall in Lincoln, RI (41 mi)
  • and at Regal Cinemas Bellingham, Bellingham, MA (55 mi)

All three theaters are within about an hour’s drive, or less, from downtown New Bedford.

Don’t miss your opportunity to see it this weekend, as other theaters may also cut short the showing of this important film.

To help get the story out, St. Anthony Parish in New Bedford is arranging for a bus, to go to the 4 o’clock showing at Cinema World in Lincoln, Rhode Island, this Sunday, October 21.

Film and round-trip bus transportation for only $15. Departure from St. Anthony’s at 2:30 pm.

See it on the big screen, while you still can.

For more information, call Edwin at 508 998 8603.


* distances are from Our Lady’s Chapel in downtown New Bedford

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