Mobile App

Below is our always up-to-date Web App for nearly any device (It doesn’t matter: Apple, Android, etc.). Once downloaded you will need to open it for the first time. It opens in your device’s default web browser. At this point you still need to save an icon for this web app to your device’s home screen. Follow these instructions below.

1. Open/Launch the app from the above image/link on your device.

2. Click on the little box in the center of the bottom tool bar that has an arrow pointing up (Just below the play/pause button).

3. Click on “Add to Homescreen” icon.

4. Here you have a chance to rename the app name from its default, WPMWRCM, to something like Radio CorMariae.

5. Click “Add” on the top right corner to apply this to your device’s home screen.

Radio CorMariae

Bringing Jesus and Mary to All Hearts

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