Ways to Listen

Usually your car radio is going to have the best reception. If you are using a radio indoors and are having difficulty receiving our signal, then you may try locating the radio near a window of the building which faces the tower (the tower is located near Bishop Stang H.S. in Dartmouth). Also, it is best to use a radio with a digital tuner versus the older style analog with a needle to dial in). Listen over the airwaves with your RADIO set to 88.5 FM in these towns:

New Bedford (mid & south), Dartmouth, Westport, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett.

Below is our always up-to-date Web App for nearly any device (It doesn’t matter: Apple, Android, etc.). Once downloaded it can be installed on the home screen of your smartphone and tablet.

1. Open/Launch the app on your phone.

2. Click on the little box in the center of the bottom tool bar that has an arrow pointing up (Just below the play/pause button).

3. Click on “Add to Homescreen” icon.

4. Here you have a chance to rename the app name from its default, WPMWRCM, to something like Radio CorMariae.

5. Click “Add” on the top right corner to apply this to your phone.

To stream the live signal with iTunes on your computer, find “Open Stream…” in the context dropdown menu under the “File” tab. Then enter into the box this text: http://ice23.securenetsystems.net/WPMWRCM

Radio CorMariae

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